Hello.I am not your average photographer.Born in 1987 in Osaka,Japan. I am with passion and conviction with my friend, my camera at a very early age.I am, and always will be committed to mastering the art of photography. I have embraced visions of design, reality and beauty within our whole entire world. I am the eye of your vision in my work, with the heart of your wishes and your thoughts of calm in your life and with those in which you love. I am most influenced and inspired by one iconic fashion photographer, Richard Avedon. I feel his work and techniques are exactly what I’d like to bring out in my current and future endeavors.

Los Angeles, California has been the most inspirational these past 6 years seeing this beautiful city. I had one of the most successful gallery exhibitions here recently in November, 2017 on Melrose Ave. Where followers came from all around to view and embrace.

I was awarded one of the best of 25 of the showcase of New York fashion resource/magazine "BREED" . I was awarded the bronze out of 10,000 competitors in the professional photo competition of "FUJIFILM” running top of the photography and the camera system industry in 2017.
While committing to my passion I have successfully completed studio photography and art gallery work. I am certified in lighting, light shaping and product knowledge by Profoto which is the world’s top light shaping company.


1987年生まれ、大阪府出身。関西学院大学 社会学部卒業。 在学中より音楽とスポーツの分野でカリフォルニア州へ渡米する。卒業後ハリウッド映画や映画フィルミング、カルチャー、ファション、人物ポートレートの世界に魅了され写真の道へ進み単身ロサンゼルスへ。

過去数年、自身にとってロサンゼルス(LA)は最もインスピレーションを受けた美しき都市でもあり、2016年にはニューヨークファション誌Breed “The 25 best of weekly showcase 2016”にトップ25入りを果たす。また2017年にはモデルやファションスナップ、スタジオ撮影をテーマとした写真展「MADE IN L.A.」をLAにて開催。

FUJIFILM X-photographer / Profoto Lighting certification 2013


FUJIFILM X Story Exhibition Osaka

[Date]2018.Apr.6th-12th /10am to 7pm

[Place]  FUJIFILM Photo Salon Osaka

[Access] 9-7-3 1F,Fujifilm Met life Honmachi Square Honmachi Chuo-ku Osaka Japan

FUJIFILM Photo Salon

MADE IN LA | Toshio Taguchi Photo Exhibition 2017

Toshio Taguchi's photo exhibition will be held for three days at the Substrate gallery located in Melrose LA.If you are interested, please come and join.For inquiries during the period, please contact the gallery.

[Date]Nov 9th(Thu),10th(Fri),11th(Sat) 2017

[Hour] 14:00-19:00 

[Place]  SUBSTRATE GALLERY 709 North Ridgewood Place Los Angeles, CA 90038 323.833.6459


Award Ceremony ,Tokyo



Fujifilm Photo Salon

Tokyo Exhibithion

2017.12.8-14 /10am-19pm

Fujifilm Photo Salon/Tokyo

 9-7-3 1F,Fujifilm Square Akaska Minato-ku Tokyo Japan

Osaka Exhibition

2018.1.26-2.1 /10am-19pm

Fujifilm Photo Salon/Osaka

9-7-3 1F,Fujifilm Met life Honmachi Square Honmachi Chuo-ku Osaka Japan

Fukuoka Exhibition

2018.2.23-28 /10am-18:30pm

Fujifilm Photo Salon/Fukuoka

1-14 1F,Fujifilm Bld Sumiyoshi  Hakata-ku Fukuoka Japan

Nagoya Exhibition

2018.3.9-15 /10am-18pm

Fujifilm Photo Salon/Nagoya

1-12-17 1F,Fujifilm Nagoya Bld  Naka-ku Nagoya Japan

Sendai Exhibition

2018.3.29-4.24 /10am-17:30pm

Fujifilm Photo Salon/Sendai

1-14 1F,Fujifilm Sendai Bld  Teppouchounishi Miyagino-ku Sendai Japan

Sapporo Exhibition

2018.5.11-16 /10am-18pm

Fujifilm Photo Salon/Sapporo

6-1 1F,Fujifilm Sapporo Bld  Odourinishi Chuo-ku Sapporo Japan

Breed New York 2017

Ultimate Fashion Photography 

The 25 Best of the Weekly Showcase 2016.  

Breed New York 2016

Ultimate Fashion Photography Weekly showcase #118

The 118th Weekly Showcase includes the work of fashion photographers such as Toshio Taguchi, Bob Upton and many other Breed members.  

Breed New York 2013

Ultimate Fashion Photography Weekly showcase #7